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The solution is in the Question...

Did you know you have the ability to solve all your problems?

All the power is within.

The solution, just a question away.

We ask ourselves questions all day.

Questions uncover your thoughts, and direct the mind to new ones.

The better the question, the better the answer.

Your brain loves to solve problems.

Questions like; “why can’t I lose weight?” and 

“why does losing weight have to always be a struggle?”,

only give you negative, self-judgey answers. Something like;

"you’ve got no willpower","you’ve always struggled", " you’re just fat and lazy". ... sound familiar?

These are disempowering questions, and NEVER useful.

Because they are based on negative beliefs.

Remember, the brain likes to be right.

Feed it this, and you'll prove it true- you'll always struggle.

A little tweaking will change your life.

Flip the question and include an empowering belief.

“How can I lose weight permanently, without deprivation and pain?”

“How can I lose weight and have fun at the same time?”

Watch your brain get creative.

You’ll begin to find the answers. The ideas will come.

Amazing ideas that move you towards your goal.

Pick one question to ask yourself everyday.

If it’s not empowering, change it straight away.

Put it on a post-it-note and stick it up everywhere.

Your brain will get to work.

Be aware when you answer,  “I don’t know” or “I’m confused”,

you will only block your wisdom.

Open up your mind and take a guess.

You’ll be surprised at what you do know, 

Even if you don’t know the exact answer,

you can say “I’m learning or I’m figuring out” instead.

An amazing question is how you get amazing results.

If you want help to re-write yours, I love creating new ones.

Book in for a free consult and we can come up with a few togetether.

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