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The solution is not in the action.

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Do you feel disconnected from yourself?

No idea what to eat and if you’re even hungry?

Hate your body, punish it by dieting, then give up and eat even more?

The solution is not what you think.

There’s things that happen out there in the world,

There’s people and what they say and do to you.

There’s your body size, shape and what you are eating.

None of your results are caused by them,

they’re created by the story you’re thinking.

Have you ever followed a diet or an exercise plan,

and it just doesn’t work?

These are all just actions, which of course create results.

But they rarely stick because you’re missing the real problem.

The reason why you’re overeating  to begin.

Your thoughts and your feelings are what ultimately drive change.

If you don’t change these, you’ll be stuck in an exhausting loop.

When you hate the diet and feel restricted, 

You’ll always end up overeating.

When you’re bored or lonely and you eat,

you won't find the solution in a diet.

The reason you’re eating is a thought and a feeling,

So its’ just not as simple as changing what you do.

To create lasting change you need to change your beliefs.

This is what you’re thinking. Your feelings are what drive action, not the other way around.

When you change how you think about yourself,

you will create a completely different feeling.

When you are loving and kind and compassionate to you,

try it on, it feels kind of good and self-caring.

When you feel good and prioritise you,

I’m guessing overeating is not your first option.

Come and join me , we'll pull out all your beliefs and I’ll teach you how to change your story.

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