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Thought watching.

I’ve never lost weight before so I can’t possibly do it now. I’ve always eaten breakfast, how could I give it up? I’ve never weighed 58 kilos, it’s not possible. Dieting has never worked for me. I’ve never been the type of person to follow through. I’ve never been able to exercise everyday.

Do these sentences sound familiar? Do you always look to the past?The brain is constantly on the lookout for danger. It thinks the safest place is where it’s been or headed.

By repeating these sentences over and over, you are programming your brain. Brains love comfort and ease, they also like to be right. The neural pathways become stronger and stronger, until the sentences become your ‘reality’. Sentences constructed purely on what’s happened before.When you look to the past, not only are you escaping the present, you are not allowing yourself create a different future. You keep repeating your life, confirming what you already believe!

When my clients first come to me, we do a thought download. All the sentences in your brain, written down on paper. It's totally different when they're there in front of you.You can't escape them! It is so powerful. You see them with different eyes. You gain insight into what is going on in your life.I encourage them to meditate. Not hours of solitude- 10 mins is a good start. By slowing down your brain. You become the watcher of your thoughts.Watching the sentences in your brain come and go. Seeing them without judgement. Acknowledging they’re there. They are not who you are. Creating awareness of what’s going on for you. From this place that you can decide where you want to go.

Releasing old sentences, creates space for new ones. Space to re-program and decide on purpose what your future will be.

A future that will allow you to explore your full potential. Maybe losing weight forever? Giving up breakfast? Following through with everything you commit to? Reaching 58 kilos forever? Exercising daily? The point is you get to choose anything you like. Practice and commitment is all it takes. Like lifting weights for the first time. To start, it’s tough, it hurts and your muscles non existent. End of week 1, your muscles feel less resistant. A month or two down the track, it’s a breeze, just part of your daily routine. Your muscles finally start to take shape.Your brain is a muscle too. You train it the same way. Practice new thoughts daily. It will be tough and you'll notice resistance. Keep practicing and you'll feel a shift. Until they too, feel familiar, easy and strong.Stop looking behind, turn your head the other way. Re-claim the present, then start deciding on purpose where you want to go.
 You can totally do it and I can help you too.

Are you dragging the past along for the ride?

Schedule a free session and let’s find out.


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