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Weightloss mindset.

Is your life just on rinse and repeat?

Where every year your results look the same.

How many times have you said;

I want to lose weight, exercise more and get healthier,

and find you’re in the same place again?

You think it’s because you haven’t done enough.

True, actions create results and doing nothing creates nothing.

But, what you’re missing is how you’re thinking about your current situation.

It's your self-judgement that's standing in the way.

The amount you weigh, your body size and what you eat are just facts.

These are your current results.

You have many stories circulating in your head about them,

which I know aren’t very pretty.

You're just layering more pain on top.

When you feel the judgement and self loathing,

notice how they make you contract.

They don’t fill you with possibility that create any useful behaviour,

there's no way you can change when you shut down.

This cycle only stops when you get to what’s underneath,

you have to peel back this layer on top.

Next time you start thinking you're 'hopeless', 'broken,' 'lazy' or 'crap' ,

put an end to it immediately,

it only leads you back down the same track.

The reason your results stay the same is because

you’re still thinking the same thoughts about you.

The way forward is really quite simple.

You need to put self loathing and criticism aside,

and try curiosity and compassion instead.

These feelings open you up in a way that shines the light on the solution.

When you believe in you fully,

you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

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