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What you need, you already possess...

New recipes and exercise programs aren't going to solve overeating.

Paleo, Keto, Juice, Raw and Carb-cutting diets only keep you in the diet cycle.

Don't kid yourself...weight-loss teas and cabbage soup are not long term.

I have a little secret...what you need, you already possess.

The most effective tool you have if you want to lose weight for good, are the questions you ask yourself.

This may seem too simple, but it’s true. Your brain is wired to solve problems.

Have you ever looked at a crossword clue and come up blank?

Then half an hour later, the answer magically appears?

Your brain is incredibly clever, you're just not tapping into it enough.

It sometimes requires a little time to sift through.

Losing weight from impatience won't last, because you're bypassing your brain.

Diets don't know what YOUR body needs- you have that knowledge within.

The problem is, you may be asking the wrong type of questions. Not all questions are equal- there are so many different ways.

There are those that open you up to a solution and those that keep you stuck.

There are the questions that never give you a good answer.

And the ones you love asking, that keep shutting you down.

When you're not getting great answers, try tweaking your questions a bit.

You're probably over dramatising things.

Many of you get on the 'I’m going to find something wrong with me train'..

Be careful of this question, because when you find something(and you will), you lose.

And you'll probably use food to feel better. Terrible questions give you terrible answers.

If the answer isn’t useful, don’t ask it again.

Remember the brain will fight to prove itself right.

Use this questioning tool and harness your power within.

Your brain started overeating for a reason, so it definitely knows how to stop.

You know yourself best, you just have to dig a little deeper.

Empowering questions open you up to empowering answers and growth.

Your body is designed to look after itself, so ask these ones instead;

What did I do right today?

Why was I able to stick to my plan for so long?

What do I really want?

What emotion was I trying to avoid? Why did I feel like that?

What can I do to look after myself today?

What can I do better tomorrow?

What’s surprising is what your brain knows, so pay attention to what you're asking.

If you’re asking yourself 'what's wrong with me', you’re doing it all wrong.

Open up to the beauty of what went right and what you want to feel. And that's ultimately how you succeed.

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