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When you find your Why, Weight loss becomes Easy

If you're eating when you’re bored, restless, lonely, anxious, or just because..

you're using food as a buffer to what's happening in your life.

A part of you wants to stay overweight.

You have to get your head around this if you're tired of going up and down the scales.

Emotional eating is food you’re consuming that’s not what your body needs.

And when you're taught that emotional discomfort's a problem, it's no wonder you've turned to food. It's been serving a very useful purpose. But eating to escape your emotions has disconnected you from your body.

You've lost touch with your hunger, who you are and what you even want.

And acknowledging this is when you'll change. Awareness is the first step before you can re-connect.

When you stop overeating, these emotions will come to the surface.

You have to be prepared to feel what comes up, or you will continue eating to push them back down.

Now we've established how overeating has served you, let's look at the other part. The part of you who wants to be at your natural weight.

Full awareness involves examining them both.

Connecting with your whys will show you more clearly which direction to take.

How will you feel when you reach your goal weight? How will your life change when you reach your goal weight? Now, dig deeper to reveal the real reasons you want to lose weight. I love to start with ‘why’, then question each response. (I've filled in an example, but make sure you fill in yours.)

1. Why do you want to lose weight?I want to feel good in my body.

2. Why do you…want to feel good in your body?so I can feel confident.

3. Why do you…want to feel confident?…so I can speak up and be heard.

4. Why do you…want to speak up and be heard?…. so I can make a difference in someone's life.

This last why is the most fascinating, and probably not what you expected.

It will provide valuable insight into your life. When you look at the parts of you in opposition, it can feel quite freeing, Your weight has actually always been in your control. You can decide on purpose now what to do and stop beating yourself up on the scales. Are you willing to start feeling your life or are you going to keep eating?

To do this for good, visualise and practice your reasons often to fully integrate them into your body.

Connecting with your whys, will re-connect you back with yourself,

where your body will start to heal.

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