• caroline

Beliefs are just your body's way of survival.

Updated: Sep 14

Humans have an innate ability to survive.

Which is why we have been on this planet for millions of years.

Seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy.

Our secret to success, an extremely useful tool in the primitive world.

WE no longer live in these times,

but we've evolved with this tool still on board.

To save energy we get good at what we think and do.

We have 60,000 thoughts a day.

If we had to reconsider everything, nothing would get done.

Our brain likes to be certain, it's exhausting if it’s not.

Our repeated thoughts become beliefs.

And we just think that's who we've become.

Beliefs aren’t truths, they’re just our lens.

A way of conserving energy.

Beliefs about food, our weight and ourselves.

This tool has had its day.

Writing down your beliefs allows for seperation.

You can question what you see.

The questioning uproots the truth.

To then edit, delete and change what you want. So much easier to do on paper.

Changing beliefs takes energy- it's like going to the gym.

You have to practice thinking new beliefs, it doesn't happen overnight.

The default brain won’t want to and this is when you step in.

You can use up energy- you will survive.

There's more than enough on board.

Why not chose thoughts that make you feel better that get you to your goal?

Book in and let’s start changing your beliefs one by one and start losing weight forever.

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