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You can't fall off the wagon.

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Are you constantly trying not to eat the food you want?

It’s called dieting.

If this is your life?

It’s a punishing way to live.

A constant reigning in of desire by restricting what you eat.

And one of the only ways we're taught. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

When it does, it then doesn’t :(

You're “good” for a while, then fall off the wagon,

and you generally then throw it all in.

This way's far too hard, and none of it's fun.

When your focus is on restriction, food becomes what you just can’t have. The problem is you want it more, and your desire never goes away.

It's only when you challenge this idea, that the cycle can end.

Restricting, ‘can’t’ and white knuckling, keeps you spinning.

You need to understand your desire and why you say yes.

It's got nothing to do with the food.

Dieting tries to solve without understanding why.

Like treating a broken bone with a painkiller. If you want to fix it forever, you need to treat the cause.

Spend 6 weeks working with me and I’ll teach you how to extinguish your desire for good.

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