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Why you have to Change Can't to Will Not.

Have you ever been offered dessert and

you answer-"I’m sorry I can’t have that" ?

You need to understand the impact of these words.

You’re probably not even aware, that you’ve become a victim.

The problem with being a victim is, it doesn't stand alone. You have inadvertantly created a villain on the other end.

Why can’t you?

Is it the diet? Is it your husband? Is it the food?

Is it that primitive brain again?

This is what victimhood does.

The minute you say ‘can’t’, you have created an opposing side.


Handing responsibility over, leaves you powerless and out of control.

Have you noticed when you feel out of control,

you end up eating the dessert anyway?

Which often leaves you feeling bad, so you blame everything else instead.

"They shouldn’t have offered it to me", "the cake was in front of me",

"he should have looked out for me" or the best one-

"this diet just doesn’t work".

Becoming the victim to what you really want in your life,

is like swimming against the tide.

When you make it someone else’s responsibility,

your brain will keep coming up with excuses.

This is an exhausting way to achieve what you desire.

If you truly want to lose weight forever you need to accept that

you are responsible for it all.

Your emotions, and particularly everything that goes in your mouth.

Do you want to eat the dessert?

If yes, never say you can’t have it again.

When you say yes, you're signing up to what you may feel after. You understand this, and you'll evaluate it all tomorrow.

If you don’t want it, replace "I can’t" with "I won’t".

Both options put you in control.

When you’re in charge and you own it, you get to decide what you do

and that’s when you’ll get the results you desire.

So let’s drop all the excuses and take ownership.

I promise, you’ll never look back, as victimhood only keeps you stuck.

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