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Why you're overeating

Do you often feel eating is out of your control?

Easily eat a whole block of chocolate or packet of biscuits, no thought?

Do you eat ’til you can’t fit any more in and then follow it with something sweet?

This is because your body is in a state of overdesire.

Unknowingly you've trained your body to want far more food than it needs.

So why can't we just stop putting food in our mouths?

Because it's actually not as easy as it sounds.

It's virtually impossible if you don’t understand why you’re over-eating to begin.

There are so many factors at play, and your innate desire is where it starts.

Dopamine is a feel good hormone and is released when we eat.

It got us out of the cave to find food in a dangerous world.

Food is so abundant and in different forms nowadays.

The problem is we're still responding in this primitive way.

Modern food is wrapped in plastic and put through a machine.

Our brains and bodies don’t recognise the actual quantity we’re eating.

Dopamine levels spike, firing alerts that your life depends on it.

Dopamine gets down- regulated as the body is designed for balance.

So we then desire even more food to give us the same response.

Concentrated foods are as addictive as drugs, and why you have intense cravings.

Big businesses understand this model and profit from human behaviour.

The billion dollar diet industry is worth billions and has us totally confused.

New must do diets every day, telling us to ‘Eat this’, ‘don’t eat that’.

Which comes from restriction and only increases desire.

So we have to use will power to resist the food.

Why most people who diet and lose weight, put it straight back on again.

Like holding a ball underwater.

The minute you let go, it pops back to the surface, sometimes with greater force.

We have conditioned our bodies in ways that aren’t serving us.

Some of us are graze all day and much of our socialising revolves around food.

We have forgotten that connecting is not about eating.

And our beliefs around food are never questioned.

“Don’t skip breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day.”

“It’s rude to leave anything on your plate”.

“A party is no fun without food and alcohol.”

Sentences in our brain that aren’t even true.

This wiring is keeping us disconnected.

The human brain loves repetition, the more we eat, the better we get at eating.

We’ve become overeating machines.

This is distracting us from the true purpose of our lives.

Most of us think the biggest obstacle in weight loss is what we’re doing or not doing. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE- your brain is what’s in the way.

This is great news, it can be reversed, you can re-wire your brain.

Where you’ll have freedom from food and weight chatter.

Learn to eat when you’re hungry, not when you’re avoiding an emotion.

Where you’ll strengthen your relationship with you,

where you’ll only want to fuel your body from love,

and ultimately lose weight forever.

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