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Would you Bring her Home?

Imagine dragging your flatmate around with you for the day-

and this is what you heard her say;'re a stupid idiot, you ate too much last night,

...get your fat lazy arse up and into the shower...'re always late for work..'re so bloody slow, an old dog could do better than you...

Then while you're having a break for lunch, she continued... disgust me, how could you possibly eat all that?..

...your skin is a mess, you're boring, no wonder no one's attracted to you!..

and on the way home she's still going on..'re the worst mum, you're always too tired..'re thighs are huge because you have no control,

...your hair is lank and you're actually pretty dumb!

Would you hang out with her again?

I didn't think so.

I never tell my clients what to do, but here I'd tell you to run!

No sane person would stay and listen to that.

But...hold many of you do..ALL DAY!!

Because she's the one inside your head. :(:(:(

When this is what it sounds like inside your own brain-

of course you'll eat to drown her out!

The way you speak to yourself is a game-changer.

Especially when you're trying to lose weight.

Write down the words you're speaking to yourself in your head.

We want to change this crappy internal chatter.

No more pretending they're not there, get them out all out..

it's time to confront them head on- awareness is key.

Making mistakes is part of learning, harsh critical words are not.

If a child makes a mistake, what would you say?'re a silly billy or silly thing in a loving way.

Try this for yourself, does it take out the sting?

If yes, start replacing all the other mean things.

When you start loving yourself like your own best friend,

you'll see how easy it is to eat in a nourishing, sustainable way.

If you're still finding this tricky, book a call and I'll help you out.

You're just a few small steps away from changing your life.

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