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You are So Deserving of it All.

Yesterday I won a balance challenge.

I love any challenge, especially to do with strength.

I was given a prize, then a familiar voice popped into my head;

You really didn’t do anything special, you don’t deserve a thing.

I whispered to the instructor...

“ I feel bad I'm taking it, someone else needs it more than me “

Embarrassment and shame in my body.

What the hell just happened??... I thought I’d come a bit further than this!! Notice my reaction? (so many of us do this without thinking) I told myself I was unworthy, then judged myself on top :(

A double helping of crap, and all coming from inside my head.

I knew I needed to pause- my subconscious mind had taken over.

Old conditioning is deep and sneaky.

But you want to expose these thoughts, as they underpin how you show up.

To get any traction to make changes, self judgement needs to be dropped first.

It closes you down to solutions because you keep punching yourself in the face.

Even though they're weaker, there's some old beliefs imprinted in my brain.

Slipping through the cracks now and then, when I'm not paying attention.

Managing my mind is still required, until I don't believe them at all.

Yesterday a few of my oldest, just happened to be hanging around- it was automatic but I was ready to pounce.

I’m not deserving.

I shouldn’t stand out, it's not good to be centre of attention.

I shouldn’t want more, it's greedy, give it to someone else.

See how I was 'shouldn'ting' myself? 'Should' is a problem as it sits in shame.

Shame only makes you shrink and hide, it's never useful.

When you're shrinking and hiding, you're just proving you're not deserving.

The good news is, I've caught them here.

You can possibly change them if they're not out in the open.

Beliefs are your lens and how you experience the world. And when they're exposed you can use them as a gift to your growth.

The choice is yours- you don't have to change them at all.

But I didn't want to keep these anymore.

They'd served a purpose at some point in time- they'd kept me safe.

In order to stop believing them, they had to be dismantled.

Showing my brain they weren't true.

.. so I discovered the 'real' truth, not the one I'd believed before; I’m 100% deserving and worthy, just like everyone else.

I want to stand out.

Being the centre of attention is the best way to change lives.

Having more means I can give more and that's never greedy.

What else was true, there was no upside to think them again.

I want to be an example of what’s possible, and they were slowing me down. Blowing up old thought patterns, frees up space for new ones. Ones that feel so much better and get you better results; I am perfect and I will always have my own back.

I love standing out and having an impact on others.

I love being in charge of every result in my life. If you’re telling yourself you’re not good enough, or you'll never lose weight, or have the body you want, stop wasting your precious energy and time and do what I did above.

Show yourself, none of your beliefs are true, then practice thinking the ones you want.

You’re 100% perfect and enough as you are. Your body knows how to lose weight. Your body is an incredible gift you've been given that allows you to experience your life. Stand up and be counted, make no apologies for how amazing you are. Then, if you still want to lose weight, do it because you want to for you. Not because of anyone or anything else. Unblocking the thoughts keeping you stuck, is guaranteeing your success.

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