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Are you critical of your body? Do you say unkind things about it? Not only have we become obsessed with food, we have become obsessed with having the perfect body. Social media and advertising have set us up for so much pain and suffering.

All we see are skinny tall women with long legs, flawless skin, pouting lips, perfect brows and thick glossy hair.

This is NOT normal. Very few women have bodies like these.

Are you thinking, if you could just have that body, your life would be fabulous and all would be perfect in the world? If this was the case, all tall skinny girls would be happy all of the time- in fact they ought to be euphoric…

we know this is simply not true.

When you want to lose weight because you think a skinnier body will make you happy, you've got it all wrong. You are blaming your body size for your happiness.

Happiness is an emotion, and all emotions start with a thought in your brain. Whether you're skinny or fat is irrelevant. It’s what you’re making your size mean that’s the issue.

Hop on the scales and notice your thoughts. Fat...wrinkly...dimpled... loose... ugly...saggy... marked.....? All of the above?

You're not alone!

Many women believe if they loathe their body enough, this will force them to lose weight. The opposite is true.

Losing weight from a place of self loathing is simply too hard. When you hate something, you don't nurture or treat it with respect. Weight lost from this place will always return. Quite often, more than before.

What if you thought of your body as a gift? There is someone in the world who would kill to look like you. Your body was created for you- you had no say at all. Just bones, muscles, tissue and organs. Pumping blood and oxygen around 24/7, giving you life. Fighting sickness. Producing children. Working so hard to process and filter everything you feed it.

Could you love it for all it does for you?

Not easy if you've never accepted yours before,

but crucial if you want to lose weight forever.

Find 5 things on your body you love. Anything from your eyebrows to your toes. Write down why you love them and what they do for you. When you look at yourself, focus on these parts of you. Remind yourself how amazing the human body is. Gratitude will always create room to shift a negative outlook.

When you love something or someone- you nurture it, stand up for it and treat it with respect. Do this for your body. You will take the power back.

The power to fuel your body with foods that are good for it.

The power to exercise to keep you fit and strong.

The power to decide how you want the future to look.

Promise to never beat yourself up again.

Your body is the beautiful vehicle that navigates you through your life. How you look after it today will determine how it looks after you in the future. Love it today and I promise you the kilos will fall.

Please share this, I think it's something we all need to know.

Book in for a free session and let's shift these thoughts together.

Caroline xxx

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