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Your Body Knows How to Lose Weight

Did you know that there are over 6 million Australians live with obesity?

WHAT THE.... This number's doubled in the last 10 years, and COVID's impact is unfolding.

We may think we’re broken, that it's out of our control.

BUT what we're forgetting is, we were born knowing when to eat and when to stop.

The real problem is, we're not taught how to feel.

“Only babies cry”...“cheer up, you’re causing a scene”...

“don’t be angry, life’s too short!”... “you have to do better”...

“it’s not good enough”...“don’t say that, you might upset someone”...

“you’re too’re too little... you’re too quiet!”...

“ you’re clothes don’t fit...your hair isn’t right...

your face is pinched”...“don’t frown you may stay like that…”

Our conditioning never stopped!

No wonder we think we’re not enough, that we're different and weird.

No point blaming parents or teachers or anyone else, it's not their fault.

We have an innate, all encompassing fear of rejection.

You see, our hardwiring is as a primal being, its job is to keep us alive.

Which is why this conditioning continues to be passed down.

When we're not measuring up, it's literally a threat to our survival.

Taught feeling bad wasn’t good either, it might swallow us up.

Food the go to solution to push down everything 'harmful' that came up.

So our emotions were entangle with hunger as eating was instantly rewarding.

Brains love repetition, so this system of eating started operating far too well.

But, in doing so we’ve disconnected from our bodies and what they really require. We've become overeating beings, with no idea who we truly are.

Our primitive brains are in charge, over-pleasuring to numb us out.

The only way to lose weight forever is to manage our brains.

It's the one encouraging us to eat and it also lifts up the fork.

Firstly, you have to stop dieting-all it does is increase desire.

Being conscious and deliberate is where you have power.

As you have to unravel all your thought errors.

But you have your rational higher brain to evaluate and sort this all out.

Then you can start to re-wire.

To start thinking in a completely different way.

You go from feeling hopeless to feeling back in control.

You'll uncover what's been underneath you weight.

You’ll find hidden dreams show up.

So much of your life has been taken up with food and weight.

Let’s get started to finally change your life.

I totally believe in you and I'll teach you how to as well. Book your free call and let's go.

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