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Let me show you how to find your reason and you will lose weight for the very last time...

My mum quit smoking when she turned 40.

She drew a line in the sand.

I invite you to draw a line too.

Lose weight for the last time ever.

No one can make you start.

It has to come from within.

Have you got a compelling reason?

This is the reason that will drive you forward even when you want to quit.

Start with the question below then get more specific by questioning each answer.

1. Why do you want to lose weight?

2. Why do you want to .........(put in the answer to question 1)?

3. Now question why to number 2's answer as well.

This requires you to go deep.

Deep into what is important to you.

Write all 3 down and practice thinking them and saying them.

When you think them, say them or read them tune in to how they make you feel.

Do they make you feel excited, motivated or confident?

If not tweak them a bit until you find this feeling.

Everything we do in life is driven by how we feel.

Our brains are also incredibly brilliant.

They like to be as efficient as possible.

The more you practice the stronger these neural pathways become.

Until they become part of you.

When you believe something your brain gets to work.

You don't even need to know how.

When you feel motivated, excited or confident you will start noticing some changes.

It will blow your mind.

Start practicing now.

Then come and learn more.

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