Hi, I'm Caroline


"At 54, I am physically and mentally stronger than I’ve ever been. I want to empower women to believe that anything is possible for them too.

You can have the life of your dreams where IBS isn't the star of the show, no matter how old you are."


I haven't always felt this way...


As a teenager and young child I always struggled with my gut, anxiety and self confidence.

I had no idea they were all inter-linked.

I've been there...


I spent so many years focused on what was WRONG WITH ME.

I hated my body.

I ate and drank to feel better.

I was super self-critical, anxious and worried about everything.

I was always scanning for things to go wrong thinking that was normal.

Nothing I did ever seemed good enough.

My relationship with food was unhealthy. 

​I spent my life trying to keep everyone happy.

IBS became chronic and was ruling my life. 

I was in pain and felt sick most days.

I became obsessed about what I was eating and what was going on in my gut. 

I started drinking more.

I felt totally out of control and disconnected from myself.

I was trying to teach the kids love and respect but I wasn't loving or respecting myself.

I knew something had to change...


Then I found the only solution that worked... 

The IBS RESET Solution... 


I uncovered the power of the mind over my gut and body.

My IBS symptoms started getting less until they were no longer a problem.

When I connected my mind and body, I was able to start clearing my anxiety and this was when my pain began to lift. This blew my mind, I'd never been taught this before...

so I studied and became a Life Coach and started helping women manage their weight and well being.

I was struck by how many of these women were dealing with the kind of anxiety and symptoms I had been dealing with associated with my IBS. 

My research kept steering me to the powerful connection of what was happening in the brain, to physical issues presenting in the body.  The key was deeply embedded in the brain, which led me to hypnotherapy and life changing Rapid Transformational Therapy.

I had found the missing piece...

- a super quick pathway to the real cause of the anxiety, weight issues and IBS...

- direct access to the subconscious brain where the issues began and are etched.


When I applied my combined approach of RTT with supportive, embodying life coaching, we were able to create relief in just one or two sessions and real and lasting change in 3 months.

After that, I wanted to help as many women as I could, who like me had suffered with IBS and anxiety.

I've created the IBS Reset Method so you don't have to spend years of therapy or rely on restrictive dieting, seeing more specialists and taking costly supplements and pills.

A way to get rapid, real and lasting change.

And I can Help You To...


Gain control over your thoughts when it comes to food and your body...

* Find a path to freedom from IBS symptoms...   

* Overcome your anxiety...

* Get back to really living... and so MUCH more!


And best of all...  you'll start seeing results with my Method after one session.


We'll work with the Brain to release the hold of IBS and start reclaiming your life.


If you're tired of living in fear, take control of your IBS and find the relief you deserve.


But you need to remember this..


Supplements and diets are only one piece of the puzzle and can often make you feel much worse.

Your anxiety and overwhelm around managing your symptoms is making your IBS more painful.


Managing your mind and creating safety in your body is the key to creating the control you're longing for when it comes to your IBS, what you're eating and your entire well being.

The Path to Rapid Relief and Transformation... 



Where self bullying is no longer an option. 

Where your relationship with you is rock solid.

Where you eat what you love and what feels good in your body.

Where the negative rinse and repeat cycles are stopped.

Where you stop hiding and start creating the life of your dreams that you may never thought was possible.

I'm on a mission to help as many high achieving women and mums like me, who've spent too many years suffering.

And I'm offering you a free session to get you started.

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Where I am Now... 

I'm so much happier in my own skin.

I've stopped repeating old patterns.

I have a healthy relationship with food and I'm so grateful for my body.

And when things go wrong...I don't punish myself.

Instead, I dig in and love harder because I know that's the only way through. 

I am motivated to take daily action to maintain a strong body and mind.

I have so much more freedom in my life and I never obsess about food.

I know what works in my body.

I feel so much calmer and in charge.

I've discovered who I am and what I love doing.

I developed my signature program so you can create your dream life too.