Hi, I'm Caroline


"At 54, I am physically and mentally stronger than I’ve ever been.

I want to empower women to believe that anything is possible for them too.

You can have the life of your dreams where Emotional Eating isn't the star of the show, no matter how old you are."



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I've been there...


I struggled with anxiety for years. The only thing that gave me any relief was food. I was stuck in this vicious cycle of feeling horrible and using food as a fix. It felt like there was no way out.

I tried diets and loads of exploratory surgery to fix it, but nothing worked and nothing was found.

I felt I was broken and I started feeling more anxious.

Which sent me spiralling. I felt totally out of control.

BUT I knew deep down there was something else going on and I had to look deeper- there had to be an answer that didn't involve medication.

What started as a quest to conquer my own emotional eating and anxiety has turned into a method that has helped many of my clients get freedom and peace around food and their emotions for good.


Then I found the key to unlocking what that was... 

The Emotional Eating Reset Method... 


I uncovered the power of the mind over my gut and body.

I discovered the real cause of my pain and why I was using food.

I released food as a substitute for my emotions.

The IBS symptoms started getting less until they were no longer a problem.

When I connected my mind and body, I was able to start clearing my anxiety and this was when my pain began to lift.

This blew my mind as I'd never been taught this before...

so I started helping women manage their weight and well being.

I was struck by how many of these women were dealing with the kind of anxiety and other symptoms I had been dealing with.  

My research kept steering me to the powerful connection of what was happening in the brain to physical issues in the body.  This led me to life changing Rapid Transformational Therapy and Embodied Processing.

I really found the missing piece...

- a super quick pathway to access the root cause of everything showing up in my body.

- direct access to the subconscious brain where the issues began and are etched.


My unique approach provided relief in just a couple of sessions.

I've created The Emotional Eating Reset Method so you don't have to spend years of therapy or rely on restrictive dieting, seeing more specialists and taking costly supplements and pills to feel better.

A way to get rapid, real and lasting change down to a cellular level.

And I can Help You To...


* Gain control over your thoughts when it comes to food and your body...

* Find a path to freedom from food and digestive issues...   

* Overcome your anxiety...

* Get back to really living... and so MUCH more!


And best of all...  you'll start seeing results with my Method after one or two sessions.


We'll work with the brain and the body together to release the hold of food and eating and start reclaiming your life.


If you're tired of dieting and being frustrated with restrictive ways of eating, it's time to take back authority in your emotional life and find the relief you deserve.

But you need to remember this..


Dieting often results in you eat even more.

Your anxiety and overwhelm around 'managing' every aspect of your overeating is making it worse.

and ... managing your mind and creating safety in your body is the key to creating the calm and inner peace you're longing for when it comes to  your entire well being.

The Path to Rapid Relief and Transformation... 



Where self bullying is no longer an option. 

Where your relationship with you is rock solid.

Where you eat what you love and what feels good in your body.

Where the negative rinse and repeat cycles end.

Where you stop obsessing about food and start creating the life of your dreams that you may never thought was possible.

I'm on a mission to help as many high women like me, who've spent too many years suffering.

And I'm offering you a free session to get you started.

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