5 Things holding you back from Weight Loss

                            ... and what to do about it


Emotional eating is the main reason women overeat...


Using willpower to stop overeating is like being held underwater.

You can't do it for long, and it only creates more stress.

 You have to understand why you're using food to cope before you can change the habit.


 I help women who use food to cope when they're overwhelmed or stressed,

lose weight for the last time.


We work with the body and the brain to address and heal the root causes of emotional eating so they'll never have to diet again.


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What my clients are saying...

Ready to Ditch Diets for good?


Not forcing yourself to follow restrictive ways of eating.

Not counting calories or dragging yourself to the gym.

WE go directly to why you're using food to cope.

A unique bottom up, top down approach using somatic healing and hypnotherapy.

This is long term change.

You'll then be on quick road to losing weight for good. 


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