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Designed for women who've been sufferring from IBS symptoms for years and have anxiety around what's going in and out of their body. 
This is a completely different approach, using a powerful mind technique that very quickly finds the cause of the issues, so you can finally release the pain of IBS and gain freedom around food forever.

3 Simple Brain Hacks to Relieve Symptoms of IBS

Have you tried everything to relieve IBS and nothing's worked?

Are you sick and tired of trying new ways of eating and still feeling discomfort?

Tired of the constant battle with what to eat and your hormones?

Sick of feeling like there's something wrong with you?

This is the one thing you just can't seem to control.

Take a deep're in the right place.

It's now time to start relieving the pain of IBS forever...

It's time to claim authority over your body.
Time to find out what's really causing you so much discomfort.

You've tried all the diets and pills and you
 still don't have the results you'd like.

There's a reason you're holding onto IBS, that no diet or Dr will tell you.
We'll dive straight in and quickly find the cause..fix it...and you'll be free to let go of  IBS for good.
My Program

                                                  I'm Caroline ,


I help women overcome IBS and emotional eating using a powerful mind technique to RE-SET the body, RE-IGNITE true desires and RECREATE their lives forever.

I have developed The LightenUp program to combat what gastroenterologists and naturopaths don't have time to address and why the diet industry and modern life has made it so difficult.

I have developed a unique combination of RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) and cutting edge coaching tools to get rapid, long- lasting, sustainable results.

We dive in and find the real cause and reason for the IBS and release it's grip, without pills or special diets. You learn to re-connect with what your body needs and desires to function the way it was supposed to .

From this space of freedom we then uncover what you truly desire where the obsession about what's going in and coming out of your body is no longer front and centre.


Understanding is the most incredibly liberating power.

When you LightenUp your mind your body will follow and that's when lasting transformation occurs.


What is RTT?

RTT® is an innovative and critically-acclaimed therapeutic approach offering fast, long-lasting results. A combination of psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt and solution-focused therapies, alongside more modern therapeutic techniques such as deep relaxation, mindfulness and hypnotherapy. It's being used within the medical profession, schools, multinational corporations, as well as by business leaders and athletes. 

The subconscious mind is where all your programming and blocks exist. Hypnotherapy is so effective as it gives you direct access to it where you gain awareness and understanding. Have you noticed when you keep telling the same stories over and over without understanding, they just keep coming up? These are what's making weight loss impossible. In an RTT session we find these outdated beliefs so that you can process them, understand them, heal and rewire new beliefs and patterns that serve you and your true desire to lose weight. This understanding is what gives you the freedom where you'll never go back to those old beliefs that had you spinning your wheels.

“Understanding is power and understanding in hypnosis is the most phenomenal, liberating power.”        Marissa Peer



"I want to ask more questions and get the most out
of it, but all the information makes absolute sense and
the hypnotherapy seems to be working a treat.
I feel so much better and can see the light
at the end of the tunnel.

Sarah P

Decide today, to change your future.
Let go of mental fatigue and start living the life of your dreams.

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