How to master your cravings

brain power

If you've ever tried to lose weight by sheer willpower, you know it eventually blows up.  

Clenching your fists, gritting your teeth and diversionary tactics (like having no food in your house) won’t work and change can only happen when you know what's going on.

You see, the craving's here for a reason.

Here are some simple steps to take next time you have a craving.



Invite the urge in (that feeling that makes you think about or go straight to the pantry or fridge)

Try and get curious about it as you acknowledge it's there- the desire to eat is your body’s way of getting your attention.

Here’s a little dialogue you can follow to welcome it in:

"Hi, urge. I can see you and hear you, I know something's up.
You can hang around with me as long as you like."

It will probably feel really weird talking to a feeling like this, BUT imagine all the other strange
things you've said in your head :):):)

Pausing here teaches your brain that the urge is not a problem and that you're the one in control.


Step 2:

Find out what's really going on.

When the craving says: "Let’s get some chocolate"…"A piece of cake would be nice right now"…and you repeatedly say yes, you're just securing the habit.

You literally have thousands of thoughts and these ones are just on the surface .

So you need to dig deeper to understand why the urge is there.


Try asking these 3 Q’s:

1.   What do I really need right now?

2.   Is there a good reason for saying yes? (there always is). 

3.   What do I really want?


Here are some common responses to each Q:


1.   I need sleep..I need a big hug...I need to go outside and breathe...I need to talk to someone...I need to send that email...I need a big glass of water

2.  Sweet things make it more fun...I wouldn’t be so bored...I wouldn’t have to deprive myself...I feel more connected to others...It would help me get on with my work...I could forget about what’s bothering me...I’d have more energy...I might get hungry later.

3. Sleep...connection... love... a job I love... more money. 


Did you know that all this was underneath??

When you keep pushing your cravings away you’re denying deep access to you and the deeper desire
driving the habit. 


Step 3:

Master the skill of saying yes to YOU.

Gritting your teeth is exhausting and won’t change a habit.

Saying no (willpower)..eventually fails.

Changing a habit forever only happens when you learn to say yes.

Yes to what you’re really craving, the real desire that lies underneath.

Saying yes is about getting honest with yourself; didn’t always mean eating, there are things you love doing that are even more fun... you can feel worthy without having to produce...boredom isn't a problem, it allows creativity to flow...being hungry isn't scary- your body knows how to access stores... eating more depletes your energy, fresh air, more sleep and water is better.


Answering your true desires connects you with who you are and
what you really want.

 Practice these 3 steps next time you feel an urge, you may be surprised at what you discover about you.

Doing this will change your relationship with food and more importantly it’ll change your life.