My mission is to empower women who've been struggling with emotional eating, reveal what's been keeping them stuck in this cycle and reclaim their inner truths so they can start creating their dream lives.


Work with me if you are...


  • Sick and tired of the relationship you have with food.
  • Feeling like you're out of control or that something's wrong with you.
  • Feeling anxious about what your day's going to bring.
  • Fed up with putting things in your mouth when something feels off in your life.
  • Eating just because...
  • Finishing breakfast and thinking about lunch.
  • Exhausted over obsessing about what you're eating.
  • Pulling back from the things you love doing.
  • Fed up with feeling unwell.
  • Feeling like your anxiety, worry or stress are a problem.
  • Struggling with relationships.
  • Not showing up at work or in your family life how you'd like to.
  • Suffering from digestive issues.
  • Have a feeling that something more is going on...


What we'll achieve...


  • We'll find the reason you're using food when things happen in your life, heal it, let it go and re-wire your brain where you eat to sustain your life.
  • Improved relationships and more connection in your life.
  • Increased confidence where you learn how to trust your body and back yourself 100%.
  • You'll release the tight grip you have on yourself.
  • Freedom from obsessing about what's going into your body.
  • You'll feel calmer.
  • You'll understand all about habits, food and setting your life up for long term success.
  • More energy and vitality.
  • Rediscovering the joy of living and doing what you love without worry or discomfort..
  • Authentic well-being and health.
  • A path of self discovery where you'll learn you are and what you truly desire.
  • The start of the life of your dreams.
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This is the solution you've been looking for if...

you know you turn to food to feel better, but you can't figure out how to reclaim that authority in your life.



The Emotional Eating Reset Method (EER)

  • After years of studying life coaching, RTT(rapid transformational therapy-using hypnotherapy) and embodied processing, and my experience as a weight loss coach, I've refined and developed a method to release emotional eating that doesn't require hours and hours of therapy and mind work.

  • This method extracts the real reason you're using food to deal with your emotions. Without understanding why, the cycle will keep repeating. You will never have enough will power to undo it.

  • Once you have these answers, that's when change becomes easy. 


    The 3 Step Framework:



    Using hypnosis we’ll uncover why you started using food to feel better.

    HEAL :       

    We’ll heal it on a cellular level by rewiring your brain so you no longer need to overeat.


    You’ll learn how to integrate back into your body using an amazing Embodied Processing technique so you can feel better in your life without needing to turn to food.                  


    Why is this Method so effective? 

  • Gives you direct access through hypnotherapy to the key that unlocks your true potential without dieting or months of therapy.

  •  We get straight to the cause and unblock what's been going on and focus on now. 

  • We update your brain's software where you get to choose what you want in your life.

  • You learn how to integrate this into your body to achieve sustainable long term relief.

  • Your habits start working for you, not against you.

  • Then watch as the focus of food disappears as you confidently step back into your amazing life.

  • If you'd like to learn more, come and chat with me and I'll show you how we do this together and I'll give you some tips and tricks to start you on your way. Please use the button below to book in your free session.

  • If you're ready to get started straight away, you can dive in a get a quick release or enrol in my 10 week signature course where you'll totally transform your life. Details below..

The Release


Reveal and release what's keeping you in this EE cycle

  • 3 Week Release
  • 1 x Intake session
  • 1 x RTT session (2 hrs)
  • 1 x Embodied Processing session.
  • Email coaching.






Emotional Eating Release and Reset


Reveal, Heal and Feel: Complete transformation

  • 10 Week Healing 
  • 1 x Intake session
  • 1 x RTT session (2 hrs)
  • 3 x EP sessions
  • 3 x Coaching sessions
  • 1 Guided 'Future You Session'
  • Hypnotic recording
  • Relaxation meditation
  • Email coaching
  • Consciously Heal from Emotional Eating course.

Embodied Processing Single sessions


Unblock emotional energy keeping you stuck.

  • Learn the art of feeling your emotions so you can let go of its charge and you'll never have to use food to cope with your life again.