Work with me if you are...


  • Sick of¬†your¬†relationship with food.
  • Feeling like¬†you're broken.
  • Sick of eating¬†whenever you're stressed.
  • Obsessing about¬†food.
  • Not doing¬†the things you love.
  • Anxious or stressed.
  • Struggling with relationships.
  • Not showing up¬†the way you'd like.
  • Feeling that something¬†more is going on...


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The Emotional Eating Reset Method (EER)


  • Solving¬†emotional eating without hours and hours of therapy.

  • Finds the root cause of the issue¬†so you can change.


    The 3 Step Framework:


    REVEAL : 

    We find the reason you're using food to cope.

    HEAL :       

    We’ll heal it on a cellular level by rewiring your brain and body.


    We'll integrate it back into your body so you won't need to eat to feel better.                


    Why is this Method so effective? 


    Your brain and body start working together rather than fighting eachother.

Free Emotional Eating Reset Call

What we'll achieve...


  • Your natural weight.
  • Freedom from dieting.
  • More connection and confidence.
  • Peace around food- (intuitive eating).
  • Less stress, more energy.
  • Long term success.
  • The life of your dreams.

We address the root cause of the stress in your life so you can lose weight for the last time, ever!  

Freedom from food to start creating your dream life.