What is RTT?

RTT® is an innovative and critically-acclaimed therapeutic approach offering fast, long-lasting results.

A combination of psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt and solution-focused therapies, alongside more modern therapeutic techniques such as deep relaxation, mindfulness and hypnotherapy.

It's a very simple, relaxing process that uses hypnosis to access your subconscious mind, where all your programming and blocks exist. It's so effective as you gain awareness and understanding while you remain in full control.

It's being used within the medical profession, schools, multinational corporations, as well as by business leaders and athletes. 

Through your session you will discover exactly what is causing your mental, physical or emotional issues, so you can process them. This understanding is what gives you freedom, where you'll never go back to those old beliefs that had you spinning your wheels and help you release your IBS.

Caroline then creates your personalised transformational audio recording, tailored just for you and what you desire.

When you listen to your personal recording for over 21 days, this is when you develop new neural pathways that will change your life forever.

“Understanding is power and understanding in hypnosis is the most phenomenal, liberating power.”        

Marissa Peer 


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