STOP using one little word and ease your pain.

the power of words over IBS pain

You're in the right place...

I'm sharing a brain hack that will show you the power of your brain when it comes to your health.


Please stop saying "MY" IBS!

It's not yours, you don't own it, and you're here because...YOU DON'T WANT IT.

Did you know that your gut and brain are in constant communication? They act as a bio-feedback machine and your brain is the control centre for everything.

To really understand the cause of IBS, you have to start in the brain.

The truth is, lasting relief can only occur from the inside out.

Our bodies were designed to eliminate waste effortlessly, but the demands of modern life and its many stressors have disrupted this natural flow.

The nervous system usually returns to calm when danger's passed, but these days we live in constant fear, stress, and tension keeping us in a chronic state of danger- aka fight/flight which disrupts the digestive process.

Think about an animal about to escape a predator- it releases its bowels first, eliminating any toxins or energy zapping substance on board!

Humans respond to danger the same way and diarrhea can be a regular occurrence, leading to gut pain.

But the good news, is your brain's designed to adapt and change.

You CAN re-wire your brain and break the painful cycle of IBS.

Your body responds to commands from the brain, but the brain is very literal in its processing. So when you refer to something belonging to you, your body won't want to let it go. The brain literally hates loss and fights nail and tooth for it.

Simply refer to it as IBS or 'the' IBS.

Doing this also distances you from the pain- separating the IBS from you.

This is crucial when you're trying to disrupt it's hold over you.

Try doing this each day and step back and notice if you feel anything different at the end of the week.

If not, don't worry...

when you make a conscious effort to release ownership, your brain takes notes and works hard to do it behind the scenes.

Simple Brain Hacks are so brilliant as they leverage the power of your rational, higher brain which is responsible for decision making to overcome the habits that cause the symptoms and ultimately help you re-gain control.

I have a couple of other Hacks I'll share.

I've designed them so you can easily incorporate them into your day without a great deal of effort.

Go ahead and start practicing today and train your brain to release the IBS.