One little word could be making it even harder to lose weight..

the power of words over IBS pain

Did you know that the words we use can shape how we feel and even affect our bodies? It's true! Our brain and body talk to each other through language, and the words we choose can have a big impact.

Think about it: when we say "my weight" or "my fat," we're telling our brain that these things belong to us. But here's the thing—our brain doesn't like to lose anything, even if we want to lose weight!

So, without even realising it, our body reacts to these words by holding onto the weight even tighter. But what if we changed our language? Instead of saying "my weight," we could say "the weight" or "cells on my body."

This simple shift in language helps our brain see the weight as something separate from us and who we are. It's like creating distance between ourselves and the weight we want to lose. And when we do this, our brain starts to see that change is possible.

By letting go of ownership, we're telling our brain that we're ready to make a change. And behind the scenes, our brain's are always working hard to help us reach our goals.

So, why not give it a try? Pay attention to how you feel when you change the way you talk about your weight. You might even notice a small sigh or some release in your body—your body is just signalling that it's been heard.

By practicing this simple shift in language, we reconnect with our body and tap into its wisdom. And that's how we start moving closer to our true desires and how you let go of weight for good.

 Caroline xx