How perfectionist thinking may be causing you grief...


Feeling overwhelmed by trying to be perfect in everything, including what you eat or just getting through your day?
You may have a bit of perfectionist thinking- always striving for 100%.
If you’ve got this trait, it doesn’t mean you’re perfect, it means you think you should be perfect..which is very different.

It's sneaky as it seems like a good quality, but it actually creates rigid thinking patterns- and turns up the volume on that harsh inner voice. 

Perfectionist thinkers often feel stuck, anxious and not good enough, because it's like punching yourself in the face.
Here's the thing: chasing perfection makes you feel worse, creating more stress in your body.

When your nervous system gets stuck in a stress response, your rational brain goes numb and it's simply not possible to access higher thinking.

Being hard on yourself to achieve is a complete myth.

And if you've trained yourself to eat to combat stress, it can feel like you're out of control.

This perfectionistic trait you think has worked in your past, is actually shutting you down and disconnecting you from yourself. It's doing you more harm than good.

So instead of being hard on yourself, try speaking more kindly.
Imagine the relief of hearing encouraging words instead of criticism?
Practice talking to yourself like a supportive friend, and notice how it eases your stress, and makes it less likely you'll eat.

Keep practicing, and you'll find it easier each time and you may be surprised at the wisdom you bring.