Critical perfectionist thinking is most likely causing you double the pain!


Do you feel burnt out and depressed trying to manage what you’re eating perfectly, or just from all you have to get through in your day to day life?

You may have a perfectionist thinking trait- a very common female characteristic. 

BUT it may be making you eat even more than you think.

Being a perfectionist doesn't mean you're actually perfect, it means you believe you should be perfect!      So you’re constantly striving for this flawless place where you finally become the perfect version of yourself. 

This may seem like a good quality, but it actually creates rigid thinking patterns- and turns up the volume on that harsh inner voice. Perfectionist thinkers often feel stuck, anxious and not good enough, because it's like punching yourself in the face. Making you suffer even more.

When your nervous system gets stuck in a stress response, your rational brain goes numb and it's simply not possible to access higher thinking.

Being hard on yourself to achieve is a complete myth.

And many of us who’ve trained our brain’s to eat when we’re stressed- it cab feel totally out of control. 

This perfectionistic trait you think has worked in your past, is actually shutting you down and disconnecting you from yourself. It's doing you more harm than good.

If you were to say those inner critical words to a friend, how do you think they would feel??

Imagine how motivating and empowering it is to hear inspiring, kind and loving words.

Like what your best friend would tell you to do. 

Next time you're aware you're giving yourself a hard time, try talking to yourself like you're your own best friend and see how that feels in your body instead.

And notice (even it it's for a minute or two), how you don't want to eat.

You deserve to to be treated like this. Keep practicing this tool and the amount of time you can sit in this space will grow.

You'll find so much more peace and often incredible wisdom and I guarantee, relief from your stress.