How to stop emotional eating.

Stop emotional eating

One of the first things we learned growing up, was that emotions weren’t safe.


Don't cry, be quiet, don't be a baby, don’t let it get to you,

...your face may change if you scowl.

Or some forms of that.


We were constantly subjected to orders to avoid and judge what we were feeling.

Propped up by deeply entrenched belief systems often passed on by past generations.

Like, don’t cry in public, underlying that one was, ‘what will people say’ 

OR, you can’t get angry, under that may have been, ‘you won't be loved’ 

You can’t be jealous... it's a sin, we know where that one stemmed from.

And above all, don’t feel down or unhappy for too long, ‘cause you may fall into a black hole and never return and people don’t like to be around miserable people.


Of course, when you're a child you believed those stories.

So you started feeling unsafe when those emotions came up.

Of course you tried to block them.

Your brain was literally telling you, you were in danger.


And that’s when we turned to food, especially sugary treats.

The dopamine buzz was a sure fire way to block what was going on inside.

It was easy to get and a quick escape from your emotions.


And so 'emotional eating’, (the habit) was formed.

Telling your brain it was far safer to eat than to feel.

Reinforcing the idea that your feelings were dangerous.


Which is why eating often feels out of your control.


But I have a fast track way to help you feel better without having to overeat.

You're not broken or lacking discipline.

You’ve just been treating the overeating (the symptom), not the cause.

Hypnotherapy gains direct access to the part of your brain- where the real reason the scary feelings arose


The brain created the habit so it also knows how to break it.

You have to show your brain that the threat's not real.

And more importantly, emotions aren’t scary and don't need to be avoided at all costs.


We are human 'beings', we have emotions for a reason. 

They signal your brain that something’s up.

With 95% of our thoughts buried in the brain, we can’t filter them all in real time.

But your body does this for you automatically.

However, when you keep using food to push them back down,

you lose access to this wisdom and what’s really going on.

And what's more, the emotions keep building up.

Which is why you keep having to eat.


When you’re willing to feel your emotions and opening up to embody the discomfort, 

it’s often not as hard as you’d thought.


You can lean in and start practicing this yourself, but the quickest way is with a trained guide.

Someone trained to help you get into your body as sometimes it's hard,

especially when it truly wasn’t safe.

The issue is, that the habit helped you at some point but it's probably not anymore.

It's not that easy to shift when a large part of you believes it's keeping you safe. 

But as you build up this muscle, I promise you, you'll no longer find eating as appealing.

If you'd like some help or want to know more about Embodied Processing or Hypnotherapy to treat emotional eating, please email me here. 

I'd love to help you unravel what’s keeping you stuck.

Because, on the other side is freedom from food and that’s when your life opens up.