How to let go of emotional eating for good.

Stop emotional eating

Growing up, we were taught that emotions were risky.
"Don't cry," we were told. "Be quiet, don't be a baby," as if feeling was somehow wrong.
These messages, handed down through generations, told us to hide our feelings, fearing what people would think.
"Don't cry in public," we’d be warned, hinting at the shame of being vulnerable.
And anger? Forget it. "You can't get angry," they'd say, linking it to love and acceptance.
Even jealousy was condemned as a sin, rooted in centuries of tradition.
Above all, sadness was forbidden. "People don’t like to be around miserable people,”
"Don’t be sad", "other people have it worse than you".
As children, we believed these stories. We felt unsafe when emotions arose and tried to block them out.
Our brains which are wired for survival,  indicated danger whenever emotions bubbled up.
So we turned to food for comfort- especially anything sweet. The quick dopamine release provided an escape from our feelings and pushed down things that were coming up from inside.
And we started emotional eating.. telling our brains that eating was safer than feeling.
So the habit was born.
But it left us feeling out of control, trapped in a cycle of overeating.
But the brain is super malleable, it takes 21 days to change a habit.
Hypnotherapy is so effective because you gain direct access to the root cause of these scary feelings.
Just acknowledging and being able to see them can unravel the hold they have over us.
With practice and guidance, there is freedom from emotional eating.
If you're ready to break free from food's grip on your life, reach out for support.
Together, we can uncover what's keeping you stuck and finally lose weight for good.