The Three Relationships that really count

The three relationships that count when you want to lose weight for good.

Whenever you set any goal in your life, your relationship with you will determine its success.

Most of us never really consider this.

You are essentially linked by 3 parts of you: Your past, your present and your future.

Your past self is what set you up today. Your results today are because of the goals and dreams you set yourself.

So your past self sets up your present self- an incredible gift you can give to you.

It's actually what distinguishes us as human.


Then there's you now, in the present, the decision maker in the moment.

Let’s say chocolate cake is put in front of you. What are you going to choose?

Are you going to honour the plans your past self made- that didn’t want to eat cake?

Or are you going to indulge present you, that’s desiring that cake now?


When your present self honours your past self, you’re gifting your future you and the goals you want to achieve.

This is a mind bend and you may need to think about it for a bit.

But this is the key to strengthening the internal trust, support and love.


Think about any goal you’ve achieved and how all your selves are linked.

Past you, set you up and present you followed through for future you.

To lose weight forever this relationship has to be tight.


If you notice judgement seep in as you're questioning the relationship you've created,                          remember your past self’s already gifted you so many things.

Maybe it's children, a house, a partner, friendships, school, university, job or a marriage.

There are so many things you can thank her for.

Have a think, when did you last do that?  This is exactly what I mean.


Like any relationship it doesn’t just happen, you have to be prepared to put in.

What can you do today to give future you the same gift?